Sentryx Software Enabled Jones® Fire Hydrant

Provides reliable fire protection and monitors pressure and detects leaks in your water distribution system

The Sentryx software enabled Jones hydrants can be equipped with pressure monitoring and leak monitoring sensor technology. Not only can new Jones fire hydrants be purchased with these “smarter” features, but any existing wet barrel fire hydrant with a dome top can be converted to detect pressure and leaks in the distribution system.

Rubber-Seated Valve
  • One of the industry’s largest volume rubber seats and extra-wide contact area provides long-term service, even after minor damage from debris.
Silicon Bronze Blow-Out Proof Stem
  • Provides long life and corrosion resistance.
  • All stems are machined to provide smooth operation.
Dual Buna-N O-Rings
  • Provide both smooth operation and a leak-free stem seal.
Sentryx Software

Data gathered from the Sentryx software enabled Jones hydrant will be displayed on the scalable, web based, Sentryx Water Intelligence Platform. The Sentryx software will record and display important data communicated from our pressure monitoring and leak monitoring systems, providing insights to make intelligent decisions on your water infrastructure.

Pressure Monitoring
  • 4G LTE CAT M1 mobile IoT communications for flexible installation
  • Alerts transmitted via SMS or email to give you near-time alerts of pressure changes outside of normal operating range
  • Positioned on hydrant top to ensure a clean, protected environment offering the strongest communication link
  • Sensor: 0 – 250 psi rated
  • Customer configurable settings for granular data and transient monitoring
  • Data uploads up to 24 times per day
  • Customer configurable settings for low warning/critical low and high warning/critical high-pressure conditions
  • All cellular data is encrypted for safe and secure transmission
Leak Monitoring
Acoustic Sensor
  • Collects acoustical data and reports back to the Mueller analysis module for comparison against baseline noise levels
  • Reliably detects leaks of 5 gallon per minute or greater; detects and locates smaller leaks
  • Locate leaks to within 6 ft with correlation feature
  • Available with either cellular or AMI communications
  • Permanent, above-ground installation ensures reliable communications

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